Recently Bavarian based Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer Michael Krug was travelling with our Singapore Travelbag. We wanted to know, where he was going and he told us some of his highlights.

Who are you and what do you do?
Hi. I'm Michael. Right now? Sitting in my living room and answering your little interview. :) Apart from that I am a freelance photographer and creative based out of Regensburg, Germany.


You are always on the go and visit a lot of different places over the year! What´s the most spectacular place that comes to mind and why?
Definitely the U.S. Pacific Northwest (PNW). In my opinion it’s one of the most spectacular places on earth, the ocean is always rugged, beautiful volcanoes and stunning northern rainforests. What makes it so special? It’s one of the few places on our planet that looks even prettier when it rains!

Picture above: Michael Krug himself 

Most of us frequent travelers have some "must-have“ travel gadgets. What´s in your bag to survive?
My passport... just kidding ;)
Usually I always carry some sort of hat with me, my Fuji Instax Mini 90 and/or Wide. Aesop Resurrection Balm, noise cancelling headphones, notebook plus pen and my carry on cocktail travel kit.
You have been traveling recently. Where have you been and what was this trip about?
We went to visit Georgia and South Carolina. The reason was simple:
have some fun, eat good Southern food and sip on drinks.
Charleston is a really underrated city, it’s pretty small for US standards but has one of the most beautiful town centers of all American cities.
Atlanta has changed quite a bit over the past years, and you don’t really know where to start if you’re into Southern food (yes, I like eating ;) ).
Which Souve Bag is your perfect travel companion and why?
Right now I have the Singapore Travel Bag with my most of the time. It was my first (and definitely not last) Souve Bag. I had a hard time choosing at first, but went for it because it’s got a perfect size to still carry it in your hand, is great to use with your cabin trolley. Overall: totally love it!

What's up for this year? Where are you traveling to?
Well. I finally get to marry my girl this year! Which is going to be quite exciting. 
We're gonna meet up with family and a bunch of friends at an od school trailer park between Seattle and Portland and hopefully have the celebration of our life. So there you go again. The Pacific Northwest.
Apart from that I get to shoot a wedding in Chicago, the Dominican Republic, Austria and of course Germany.