This time we like to introduce the nature loving Photographer Robin Wittwer. Everytime we got to see his pictures we are absolutely overwhelmed. He shares some of his pictures he recently took on his trip through Scotland. 

Robin Wittwer x Souve Bag

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Robin Wittwer, I'm 25 years old and I was born in Germany. I'm working for a german band as a sound engineer and travelling as much as I can with my camera.

You are doing a lot of outdoor nature trips. What's the most spectacular place you've seen and why?

A few weeks ago I started a little trip to Switzerland with my brother and we walked all the way up to the Augstmatthorn peak (2200m). It was exhausting but we were lucky enough to witness one of the most powerful sunsets and sunrise I've ever seen so far.

Most of us frequent traveles have some "must-have" travel gadgets. I guess you always got your camera wth you? What's in your bag to survive especially as you are doing a lot of adventurous tours?

First of all: I am always travelling with a tent, a sleeping bag and my skateboard. Also one of the must haves for me: a coffee machine. There's nothing better like a fresh coffee compared with fresh mountain air after shooting a sunrise.

 Robin Wittwer x Souve Bag

You have been travelling recently. Where have you been and what was this trip about?

Scotland. It was a 10 days road trip in a LandRover Defender through the west highlands and isle of skye with my girlfriend. I can highly recommend this beautiful country and it's just a 1,5 hours flight from Germany.

Which Souve Bag is your perfect travel companion and why?

We decided us for the "Stockholm" Canvas Duffle Bag to carry some camping equipment. There is enough space for food, a camping cooker and some drinks - all what you need for a nice campfire dinner.

What's up for this year? Where are you travelling to?

I don't know yet - hopefully the Faroe Islands. :)

Robin Wittwer x Souve Bag